Make Gigabit Broadband a Reality for Your Community

The Connected City: Wireless Capacity, Fiber Connectivity and Sensor Networks


That’s a Wrap! Thank you to all those who attended, spoke and sponsored the inaugural Smart Gigabit LA conference! Presentations are available on the Resources Page. Videos will be available on April 12. The Fall 2016 Smart Gigabit LA is in the planning stages now — and dates will be announced shortly.

Special thanks to the Los Angeles civic leaders behind CityLinkLA:

  • Los Angeles Councilmember Bob Blumenfield
  • Los Angeles Chief Information Officer Ted Ross
  • Los Angeles Chief Technology Officer Peter Marx[/list]

Additional Appreciation to:

  • Rehan Assad, AVP Broadband Strategy and Operations, AT&T Entertainment Group
  • Richard Bertalan, Technology Manager, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
  • Jory Wolf, Chief Information Officer, City of Santa Monica
  • Mike Pettit, Chief Information Officer, Ventura County
  • Steve Reneker, Chief Information Officer, Riverside County
  • Gary Halbert, City Manager, Chula Vista[/list]

Smart Gigabit LA focuses on these issue critical to civic leaders, managers and Information Officers:

  • Network infrastructure, public private partnerships, technology solutions, wireless coverage and more.
  • Case studies from early adopting communities; gain from their experience and analysis on subjects from investment to business model to engaging citizens.
  • Understand State and Federal funding programs made available for broadband deployment and digital inclusion
  • Hear examples of ‘smart city infrastructure’ to automate city services, lower cost of living, and improve the living standards of citizens

"My conviction that we are on the cusp of when our broadband networks will prove even more transformative than the networks of the 19th century is based upon this: broadband networks are new in a new way. The new way is the evolution from hardware-based networks to ones that are software based."

− FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler (2015)

"The forces of urbanization, collaboration, and democratization are converging. People are flooding into cities, bringing many challenges and innovation opportunities to cities, collaborative business models and the sharing economy are taking off in cities, and the democratization of innovation and technology are putting the tools of innovation and entrepreneurship in the hands of more citizens than ever before."

− Boyd Cohen, FastCompany

"The terms “Internet” and “broadband” are too often used synonymously – but they are not the same. The way the Internet works today is a result of broadband infrastructure."

− FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler (2015)

"Communication, and its ally computers, is a special case in economic history because computer chips and communication networks have produced a sector of the economy that is transforming all other sectors"

− Kevin Kelly, founder/editor, Wired Magazine