Make Gigabit Broadband a Reality for Your Community

The Connected City: Wireless Capacity, Fiber Connectivity and Sensor Networks

Networks are the infrastructure of the digital economy. This focus on ‘infrastructure first’ at SmartGig LA will provide the fundamental knowledge for all civic stakeholders – elected officials, city managers, city administrators, urban planners, managers of IT systems, managers of public works – to make an intelligent transition to ‘today’s city’ to ‘tomorrow’s smart city.

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"My conviction that we are on the cusp of when our broadband networks will prove even more transformative than the networks of the 19th century is based upon this: broadband networks are new in a new way. The new way is the evolution from hardware-based networks to ones that are software based."

− Thomas Wheeler, Chairman, FCC

"We are at the dawn of a new era: Software Defined Infrastructure; a starting point of a very deep revolution that will reshape our global computing infrastructure. It is conceivable that today’s internet will run in just one “slice” across this infrastructure, with many other novel services populating other slices."

− National Science Foundation, 2016

"The terms “Internet” and “broadband” are too often used synonymously – but they are not the same. The way the Internet works today is a result of broadband infrastructure. "

− Thomas Wheeler, Chairman, FCC

"The new buzzwords in the telecom industry are about provisioning and orchestration. Just like in cloud services, the ideal is that a customer goes online, signs up, and provisions a service how they want it and when they want it."

− Scott Raynovich, SDX Central

"Cities, Municipalities and Metro Areas need to maintain a competitive advantage in a new connected world of digital applications, knowledge workers and innovation from the Network. Some say it is a survival of the fittest ecosystem in the global competition for the future knowledge worker and a share of the expected $9 trillion in annual GDP that will come from the Internet of Things."

− Thomas Wheeler, Chairman, FCC